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Find your piñata before someone else does

Anno domini two thousand and fifteen. Hot tiled roofs were radiating heat into the still, thick air of New York. As serendipity would have it, I stumbled into an art gallery at the corner of 4th and 5th in Manhattan. "Découvrir l'art thérapie!" were the first words I heard from the owner, who later introduced himself as Rodolphe. "I want to help everyone discover their connection with art."

I nodded politely, with one hand in my pocket and another tightly held around the waist of my ice-cold bottle of Evian. I treaded cautiously along the corridor.  

Then, a burst of colour caught my eye, and destiny's trajectory was altered.

“Imagination is the precursor to policy, the precondition to action. Imagination, like wonder, allows us to value something.”  - Beatrix Potter

Summer Love   by Paul Ygartua 

Summer Love by Paul Ygartua 

Paul Ygartua has done eclectic murals while hanging off the side of a crane lift box, and even a Basque-inspired series of portraits that are both haunting and intense. His incredible work is just like his interpretations of jazz musicians- unique, evolutionary, and diverse. 

Art is not for everybody. There would be some that speak to us, there would be some we can discover by learning to understand them, and there would be some that we would dismiss without a second glance.

In the discovery of Ygartua's work, I was hit with a stick - a rather blunt epiphany, if you will - and then pleasantly surprised with a delicious trove of treats. 

I discovered my piñata that sweltering Saturday morning, and I decided to keep it. I went back a few days later and procured this piece as my own.

Découvrir l'art thérapie? Oui. Merci beaucoup, Rodolphe.