Looking back on 2015...

Birthdays are moments where I get a lot more introspective. Time is a funny thing — what mattered to you a year ago does not matter now, and what never mattered to you a year ago means the world to you now.

In 365 days,

  • I left Twitter; a company which I've dreamed to work for since the earlier days of social media - an experience which I miss, and will never forget. 
  • I started a new, incredible cross-functional opportunity with Brandwatch (it's the best in class social intelligence product out there, but don't just take my word for it; give us a go!) to grow its business in Asia Pacific.
  • I moved to multiple locations within Brighton (2x) and London (2x, finally settling in Pimlico).
  • I made a new home in Singapore (my first loft!)
  • I value quality over quantity of my fermented beverages now.
  • Thanks to a medical situation; the fragility of life hit me harder than ever before; reminding me to value the loved ones in my life who have been my rock.
  • I became a godmama to Rachie's beautiful baby girl. 
  • Embarked on my all-new Freeletics journey (thanks Ivan for being my virtual buddy!)

365 days ago I would have never expected any of this to happen to me. When I stopped planning (& started living a bit more), serendipity became my best friend, and the domino effect began. I'm happier, healthier, and recovering better from the impediments that have plagued me.

Here's to finding happiness in the simpler things.

Here's to the next 365 days. I'm ready.