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"No important endeavour that required innovation was done without risk. You have to be willing to take those risks. … In whatever you are doing, failure is an option. But fear is not." - James Cameron



The first always-on content strategy planning program for Twitter's clients in Asia Pacific, Americas and Emerging Markets. #WinAtContent includes sections on crafting a brand's content strategy on Twitter, the usage of rich media Tweets to reach users throughout the funnel, and features best in class work by leading brands.

Tweets from the top, TWITTER

Discover what are some of the top tweets from leading executives and leaders in Asia-Pacific. Be inspired by the cumulative impact of local voices on a truly global platform. 

2014 digital outlook, econsultancy

This keynote was presented at Digital Outlook 2014, organised by Econsultancy on 2014 Trends for Content & Social.  2014 Trends will bring the creation of real user value back into focus. By understanding the intersection of user needs and brand expertise, value creation can be manifested through understanding Content, Context, and using them to drive Advocacy.