George Chen -  Managing Editor, International Edition, South China Morning Post, Yale World Fellow

George Chen - Managing Editor, International Edition, South China Morning Post, Yale World Fellow

"I met Christel first during our preparations for the launch of digital-native SCMP International Edition and she gave a very informative seminar about how Twitter can help traditional media organisation go further and dream bigger. I enjoyed her deep knowledge of social media -- not just about how to use social media for your business but more about why social media are important for our society in the very long run. It's also not easy to find someone like Christel who can translate a local or regional story into global context and help users/clients see the big picture at a time when technological transformation means almost everything. Whenever she speaks, I also truly enjoy her sense of humour. Dream big and think positive -- that will be my summary of my recommendation for Christel." 


Cheng May Koh  - Regional Digital Manager, Samsung Electronics

Cheng May Koh - Regional Digital Manager, Samsung Electronics

"Must be god’s chance to have worked with a bright star like Christel, she’s creative, versatile, resourceful, outspoken, and a very talented young woman! During our work together, Christel has brought to the team an insightful knowledge and global experience to building a Social Business, including developing a crisis and risk management framework, improving the social content strategy, analyzing the best-in-class listening tools, and leading the regional influencers' program with an aggregated dashboard solution. If anything, she’s a Social Know-it-all, as a person, at work, and in the online world, I can only wish to have learned more from her."


Jamshed Wadia  - Head of Digital Marketing & Media, Intel

Jamshed Wadia - Head of Digital Marketing & Media, Intel

It's always a pleasure to interact with someone who is passionate about social and truly role models the same. Christel is an extremely talented person and has a great future ahead of her. I have no doubt in my mind that she will be a great asset to any organization that is betting their future on new media.




Vishnu Mohan  - CEO, Havas Media Group, Asia Pacific

Vishnu Mohan - CEO, Havas Media Group, Asia Pacific

"In my long career, I have come across many gems, but Christel is rare. She stands apart – intelligence, dynamism, charm, vision and even leadership is a rarity for sure. In a very quick time she has taken the digital strategic leadership role for many of the top notch clients of the group.

From being recruited just for Singapore in less than 24 months she proved herself worthy of being elevated to a global social media manager role. She is an active part of the management team as a young turk with an eye on the future guiding the group on social strategy and plays an active part in new client acquisitions. "


Sara Varela   - Associate Director, Social Media of Marina Bay Sands

Sara Varela - Associate Director, Social Media of Marina Bay Sands

"Christel Quek is a fearless digital warrior queen who grabs social culture by the balls everyday.And there’s far more to Christel Quek than Content Lead for Twitter across APAC, MENA, Greater China and Russia.I had a professional #GirlBoss crush on Christel long before I got to know her personally. Her industry blog writing and tweets on social and content were always so shiny, inspiring, meaningful, relatable, elegant, memorable, stand-out unique and timely in my life. Her thought leadership in social simply elevated my game and her content insights never failed to add value. Then through the Athena Network’s Gina Romero and The HUB’s women’s startup events, we connected as friends then through Twitter and Marina Bay Sands I became her client. A renaissance woman who writes: her own book (Twitter's first for the region) “Tweets From the Top - Twitter for Executives, Asia-Pacific” not to mention for Huffington Post, Harvard Business Review, Business Insider, The Guardian & Campaign. She is not just a rising but an ‘already self-actualized as great’ star at FoM and in IAB. The work she cut her teeth on at Havas and Samsung could not hold her exploding talent as a go-to expert in the unique space of the interaction of technology and human behavior. And it’s that which I love about her work best, her brave adventuring in where digital storytelling, psychology and neuroscience meet marketing. As a friend and professional I find her to be innovative, powerful, free, creative and totally unmessable with. Christel was an early adopter and staunch advocate of the (Gary V-inspired) ‘humanize to monetize’ content movement. She lives and breathes her mantra of ‘heartware over hardware’ at work and play in how she shows up to life. Peter Drucker once said “culture eats strategy for breakfast”. And as a fellow foodie and social strategist I know that’s a professional meal Christel enjoys everyday #NomNom." 

Oliver Woods , Social Media Director, Leo Burnett

Oliver Woods, Social Media Director, Leo Burnett

"Writing a recommendation for Christel is easy. She's one of the few people in the digital & social strategy space who consistently delivers excellence in all its forms. Right from insightful thought-leadership pieces right through to great work for her clients, her talent always shines through. When I worked with Christel on social media training sessions in Kuala Lumpur & Singapore, her expertise, professionalism and lovely personality all stood out to me. Her new senior regional role at Samsung is well-deserved recognition of her career so far. Best of all, despite all of her achievements, her character remains humble and gracious. Don't be surprised when (not if!) you see her on the cover of Forbes or The Economist in the not-too-distant future!"